Black Crawl

Pint - $22.80
1-Gallon - $109.10
3-Gallon - $303.30
  5# Dry - $74.50
10# Dry - $140.90
25# Dry - $344.90

A much requested late addition to our Crawl Series, Black Crawl is a charcoal-colored glaze with a unique crackle pattern.

Perfect for potters looking for something unusual, our Crawl glazes have a tree-bark surface that's rough and dry to the touch.  To achieve the crawling effect, they must be applied very thick, until the dry surface of the glaze cracks before firing.  They can also be used over underglazes.

Not recommended for use on foodware.
Visit our safety page for more information.
Click on the thumbnails below to see larger images of pots with Black Crawl glaze
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