Pint - $22.90
1-Gallon - $125.20 
3-Gallon - $359.40 
  5# Dry - $69.60 
10# Dry - $131.20 
25# Dry - $320.10 

A vivid orange. Great on its own as a base or accent color, the Persimmon is the brightest Texas Two-Step undercoat, and will create oilspot effects when covered with one of the overcoats.

The Texas Two-Step Oilspots are a specialized series that use pairs of glazes to create unique effects. Anywhere that one of the six overcoats is laid on top of an undercoat, a stunning spotted pattern will appear during firing.  Thicker applications lead to bigger spots. Try using wax resist after the first layer to create negative space designs.

Test all foodware to determine food safety.
Visit our safety page for more information.
Click on the thumbnails below to see larger images of pots with Persimmon glaze.      
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