Layering with Shino Glazes

Our Shino glazes are designed to emulate the look of a gas fired shino when fired in an electric kiln, but they can also be used to create a whole new range of finishes unlike anything else.  The eighteen Shino colors can be layered under or over nearly any of our glazes, making them some of the most versatile cone 6 glazes available.

On this page, you will find our entire series of Shino glazes, as they appear when layered over our Gloss Black. The combinations are endless, but for a good starting place, try a Shino over any of the Gloss colors (click here to see a list of glazes by series.)

The cups shown here are made of a speckled buff colored clay, bisque fired to cone 06, but these glazes look great on any cone 5-6 clay.
For brushing, apply 3 coats of Black.  Allow to dry, then apply 2 to 3 coats of the Shino color. The glazes can also be applied by dipping, one coat of each color.
Fire to between witness cone 5 and cone 6.  (We fired these cups to cone 5 [fast] with a 15 minute hold.)

Click on the cups for a larger image.

Blue Shino Butterscotch Shino Cedar Shino


Desert Sage Espresso Bean Goldenrod Shino

Green Shino Leopard Shino Light Blue Shino

Light Green Shino Light Shino Mocha Shino

Pistachio Shino Plum Shino Sandstone Shino

Shino Steel Gray Shino Sunrise Shino


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