4 Oz. - $8.80

Pint - $25.70

1-Gallon - $142.90

A bright color somewhere between Yellow Orange and Orange.

Coyote Underglazes are the only commercially available underglazes specially designed to be fired at cone 5-6.  The colors can be mixed, and stay true and stable up to cone 10 in oxidation.  They are always bold and striking, and are suited to functional ware when covered in Coyote Gloss Clear and fired to cone 6. They can be used on either greenware or bisque.
Cover any foodware with clear or translucent glaze, and test all foodware to determine food safety.

Contains cadmium. Passes FDA cadmium release guidelines for food saftey in our tests when covered with Clear glaze.

Visit our safety page for more information.
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